Welcome to Canal City Dental!

Canal City Dental is a family friendly practice in Welland, Ontario, serving patients of all ages.

We approach all aspects of dentistry to help you achieve the beautiful, healthy smile you desire. We also have a denturist, Orthodontist and Periodontist on premises who will assist you with all your denture, braces and periodontal (gum) needs. Call us today to schedule your free consultation.

Our goal is helping our patients achieve optimal dental health which can lead to an improved quality of life.

We believe that a healthy smile reflects confidence and success, and we want our patients to show their healthy smiles to celebrate their healthy lifestyles. The Teeth First community and Canal City Dental extends their sincerest welcomes to all of our patients, and we promise to live by our vision; Your Smile. Your life. Our priority.

We speak Punjabi, Hindi, Romanian, Mandarin, Hungarian and English.