Dental Implants

A superior dental restoration

Our teeth are responsible for proper speech and digestion. They also contribute to the appearance and overall structure of the face - and are the first thing others see whenever we smile or laugh

This is why losing one or several of our teeth can be a very devastating experience. Fortunately however, dental implants can be an excellent restorative option for people who have lost one or multiple natural teeth - as they look, feel and function extremely similarly to that of a natural tooth.

What are dental implants, exactly?

Dental implants are essentially screw-shaped artificial tooth roots composed of titanium metal. These “roots” are implanted into the jaw bone to then support an artificial replacement tooth, referred to as a pontic or a crown. With an up to 98% success rate, it’s no wonder why dental implants are the leading choice of tooth replacement available in dentistry.

Furthermore, with proper daily maintenance and care, a dental implant restoration can last a lifetime. This includes being sure to brush twice daily and floss at least once daily, in addition to visiting our Welland dentist and hygienist for routine check-ups and cleanings.

Are dental implants the right choice for me?

Generally speaking, patients should have healthy bone and gums in order to qualify as a good candidate for dental implants. Our dentist will be able to perform an assessment during your consultation to determine whether the procedure would be a suitable option for you.

Reclaim your smile and life with dental implants in Welland today

Dental implants will help you reclaim the fully functional and attractive smile you deserve. Contact our team today to book your consultation!